About Us
Larry Reed established this firm in 2004. Over the years our company has drawn numerous plans for customers, both complete homes and additions. We are always trying to strive for the best plan possible that meets the wants and needs of the customer. Larry has been a past member of the American Institute of Building Design since 2007, and participated in continuous education hours each year to stay at a professional member status. Please check out the AIBD website at www.aibd.org and the Iowa Society website at www.aibdiowa.com that he was accociated with.
Ultimately our goal is to create high quality plans for homes and additions, appropriate to their settings while at the same time being extremely functional. We can offer a wide range of ideas for decks, garages and finished basements as well.  
We want our customers and their contractors to be as satisfied with their plans as we are. We want the home owner to see the project before the work is done and we want the contractor to be able to do the work with no difficulty from the plans.
Personal attention to each job:
Each client receives one-on-one attention through the entire process from visits to their home, our office, phone conversations, or by e-mails.
Client participation:
To ensure our client’s needs are satisfied we constantly invite our clients to participate and provide input during the design process.  After all it’s our job to make our client’s dream a reality. We must know what you want and your ideas, not just our input, this will be your home not ours.
Creativity is achieved through brainstorming sessions with the client and running ideas and sketches back and forth.
Our pricing is very competitive to any designer that is drawing custom plans. Please contact us and we can discuss your specific project and give you a free estimate. Please keep in mind that we do not sell the same prints over and over so we can not be competitive with plans from a book.
We maintain a consistently high level of professional care and responsibility in each job. Our motto is " Prints you can build with! "
Cover picture is a home built in rural Council Bluffs, Ia
This cover picture was a new dining room addition on the left side of the house and a roof over the existing deck. This is also located in rural Council Bluffs, Ia.